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How to port your mobile number from Singtel to Starhub

I am looking to change my mobile service from Singtel to Starhub, and keep my primary number. So I want to share you my porting process.

Reason for the change if you are wondering – I am changing from Singtel to Starhub, mainly as I am in a new office to Fraser Tower and my 4G coverage for using mobile data is not optimal at the high level my office, when I am looking to tethering internet from my mobile for my laptop to have faster a internet. Note – It is a new building and up quite high, so my SingTel 4G/ 3G signals may be poor as a result of not having enough range of SingTel’s current infrastructure in my new area.

So after going through the steps online via, then you want to “Select Your Number” step.

Select Your Number with Starhub

  1. In “Select Your Number”, select “Port from another telco”.
  2. Enter your Singapore phone number under “Enter the 8-digit number”
  3. Select “Yes/ No” for whether you own this number for the question “Do you own this number?”

Great thing that they note here, is that you can “port any Singtel/ M1/ Circles.Life/ MyRepublic/ Zero/ Zero 1 Postpaid number to StarHub”. There may be nuances around this for each telco provider, so be wary, especially with the less mature providers at the moment.

Port from another telco
Singtel/ M1/ Circles.Life postpaid mobile number porting – Source:
StarHub Number Porting Terms & Conditions

Then, you will receive details around the Number Porting Terms & Conditions that you will need to agree to, here are the details here so you know what to expect.

I/WE* wish to sign up for Full Mobile Number Portability service with StarHub.

I/WE* understand that upon commencement of the Full Mobile Number Portability service with StarHub, all existing services associated with the existing mobile number provided by existing Service Provider(s) will be automatically terminated. I shall not hold StarHub responsible for any loss, penalty damage or inconvenience arising from the termination of service with the existing Service Provider(s).

I/WE* shall be responsible for all charges (such as equipment plan/ price plan/ contractual penalty, etc) for service signed up with StarHub until my existing mobile number(s) has/have been transferred

I/WE* agree to the proper disposal of the SIM Card from the existing Service Provider(s)

I/WE* understand that there will be service interruptions to my/our* existing mobile line during the Full Mobile Number Portability provisioning process^^

I/WE* acknowledge that it would be necessary to exchange certain information regarding my/ our existing and new mobile services subscriptions in order for the Full Mobile Number Portability service to be provisioned. I/We* authorise StarHub to communicate with the existing Service Provider and disclose and receive such information as may be necessary in order to provide the Full Mobile Number Portability service.

I/WE* acknowledge and understand that I/WE* have to pay for all outstanding charges imposed by my/ our* existing Service provider(s) for terminating the mobile service(s) prematurely or otherwise.

I/WE* confirm that I/WE* have provided full and accurate information to StarHub. I/WE* have read and agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions herein as well as StarHub’s terms and conditions for info-communications Services# and such other terms and conditions as may be agreed or accepted by me/ us* .

I/WE* acknowledge and agree that if StarHub suspends or terminates any or all the services that I/WE* signed up with StarHub pursuant to and in accordance with StarHub’s terms and conditions for Info-communications Services, StarHub is entitled return my/our* existing Service Provider(or to the Service Provider which the porting originates from, as the case may be), and thereafter StarHub will not be able restore the usage of my/our* existing mobile number for any reason or whatsoever

Once you are comfortable with this, then you will be asked to select a delivery date/ time and make sure you have the right paperwork on the day of delivery.

  • A print-out of the order confirmation email
  • Your physical NRIC* (Singapore Citizens & Permanent Residents) or physical FIN Pass* (Foreigners) with a minimum validity of 6 months

Example from my success screen here for your reference.

Additional information (optional context)

Essentially Starhub, M1, Singtel all follow IMDA’s requirements. This is important given the stickiness requirement of your mobile number for online and modern services such as PayNow and SingPass. Essentially it is:

Full Mobile Number Portability is a solution that allows consumers to keep one mobile number for life, even when they switch operators. It works via a central database system in a multi-operator environment, in which all ported mobile subscribers’ numbers and routing information are kept. When a call/SMS/MMS is made to a ported mobile subscriber under the solution, the caller’s mobile operator will check against the central database information and route the call/SMS/MMS directly to the ported subscriber’s new operator.

IMDA full mobile number portability

Here’s some details on some of these local telco’s overall Full Mobile Number Portability guidance.

Starhub Full Mobile Number Portability guidance

1. What is Full Mobile Number Portability?

Full Mobile Number Portability is an enhanced mobile number portability solution that will allow you to retain full use of your existing phone number, even when you switch service providers. As such, you will not have to go through the hassle of updating all your contacts on a new number from your new service provider.

Prepaid and postpaid mobile subscribers can make use of this solution to retain their original phone numbers. However, the service is only applicable for prepaid to prepaid and postpaid to postpaid mobile subscribers only. (Starhub)

2. How is Full Mobile Number Portability different from the previous mobile number portability solution?

The previous mobile number portability scheme is based on a call-forwarding solution. As such, subscribers will possess two mobile numbers (the original mobile number and the new mobile number issued by the new service provider which they switched to). A call made to the original number at the previous service provider will be forwarded to the new number under the call-forwarding approach. When a subscriber under the call-forwarding solution makes a call or sends an SMS, the new number will be reflected on the recipient’s phone. Furthermore, the subscriber will not be able to receive MMS on his original number with the call-forwarding solution.

The call-forwarding solution also only applies to post-paid mobile subscribers.

Full Mobile Number Portability will eliminate these limitations, and also extend mobile number portability to prepaid mobile subscribers. (Starhub)

M1 Full Mobile Number Portability guidance

  1. What is Full Mobile Number Portability? Full Mobile Number Portability is an enhanced solution that allows you to retain full use of your existing phone number, even when you switch to M1. It saves you the hassle of having to inform all your contacts that you have changed your number. (M1)
  2. Who can enjoy Full Mobile Number Portability? All prepaid and postpaid mobile customers can make use of Full Mobile Number Portability.However, if your mobile service has been terminated or suspended, you may not be able to use Full Mobile Number Portability to regain the number given up during the service suspension or termination. (M1)


G-Suite Google promo Singapore

G Suite Basic vs Business plan for Businesses

Google has two primary plans for their G Suite online software. G Suite Basic vs Business plans, so which one should I use?

Should I use Google’s G Suite Basic and Business plan?

Short answer – Depends, on which stage your business is at.
Long answer – If you have just started your business and are a startup, I’d suggest the most basic plan, as you can always upgrade when you need it in the future.
If you are a large entity, perhaps thinking about moving from Microsoft Office and Outlook or another service, then the Business or even the Enterprise plan may make more sense.
I have seen multinationals using just the G Suite Basic plans even, although from the end-user perspective it can be painful sharing documents with my wider team. The G Suite Business plan is my preferred plan, given the amount of storage that you have.
Google’s release of the Team Drive, makes definitely life so much easier, as I was a Team Lead in one of my previous companies and was storing a lot of solid documents and files for the team to share, learn and leverage from. Although it is only available on G Suite Business plans and above.

G Suite Business vs G Suite Basic plan

What’s the key differences at a high level between G Suite Basic and Business plan?

Looking at Google’s website, G Suite Basic plan offers:

  • Professional email for you and your team, plus the complete G Suite.
  • Get 30GB of space in Google Drive and Gmail so you can store, access and share files from any device and keep your emails indefinitely.
  • Collaborate more quickly and efficiently using integrated online calendars, online documents with real-time editing, and video conferencing.

Whereas, G Suite Business plan offers:

  • Professional email for you and your team, plus the complete G Suite.
  • Get unlimited† space in Google Drive and Gmail so you can store, access and share files from any device and keep your emails indefinitely.
  • Collaborate more quickly and efficiently using integrated online calendars, online documents with real-time editing, and video conferencing.
  • Set alerts to know when people share, edit or delete files in Drive, including when they share files inside or outside your domain.
  • Enhanced security features with Google Vault:
    • Manage and retain your team’s emails and on-the-record chats, setting policies for your entire domain, organizational units, date ranges or specific terms.
    • Search and retrieve valuable information that you or your legal team may need.

I have bolded the key differences above, but let’s break down a bit.

What’s the key differences between G Suite Basic and Business plan?

Short answer – Control features is the key difference. That is, more oversight and control of important business data.
Long answer
  • Storage – You’ll get 30 GB storage in the G Suite Basic plan, whereas the Business plan is unlimited and indefinite. Although, do note that indefinite is true however it is as long as you use Google’s G Suite service.
  • Alerts – G Suite Business will give you alerts on Google Drive actions internally and externally for your business, useful if you need that visibility
  • Security audit features – Searchable and retrievable audit information that you and your business may need.
  • Team Drive – Shared drive that you can to share and collaborate use amongst your teams. Helps to ensure no one person has all the information on their drive alone.

Google is offering a free 14-day trial of G Suite. This applies to their Basic and Business plans, so if you’re keen to try it, visit their G Suite website to sign up.
Here’s some G Suite promotional codes for Singaporean businesses, please use this link if you want 20% off*:

Valid for G Suite Basic plan in Singapore (updated Jan 2019)

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    • 34V4XX4VFK437UX
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    • 34W3Q7HP693EW7V

 Valid for G Suite Business plan in Singapore (Updated Jan 2019)

  • 37GCA67JC9X64PN
  • 37P7HLM4J4W766N
Here’s some G Suite promotional codes for Australian businesses, please use this linkif you want 20% off*:
Valid for G Suite Basic plan in Australia (Updated Jan 2019)

Please reach out to me via mailforvu(at) if you’re interested and these codes promotional have been used up already.

*Disclaimer – I’m a big fan of Google, so I have written this analysis based on my own experiences using Google’s G Suite as a personal and business user. The G Suite shared, that is, is a referral link, meaning I do earn a referral if you optionally use the link to sign up and use Google’s G Suite services. You will not lose anything in any way if you choose to use my referral link, instead you’ll gain a 20% discount plus just reward me for taking the time to write this article on Google’s G Suite offering.

Happy Googling!