PageCloud officially teams up with Google and Hover

Pretty cool news for PageCloud. I like the product and goals that they offer, so I like to blog about their progress.


PageCloud officially teams up with Google and Hover!

They recently hosted theirfirst HackerNest event (pictures here), welcomed *some incredible new* employees to the team, rolled out *some new* features in our platform, and created partnerships to help PageCloud customers get even more professional perks from their subscription in the New Year!
The key annoucement really is that:
PageCloud officially teamed up with Google and Hover so their annual subscribers can have special access to business email, domains and more in 2017!

Are you familiar with G Suite?

It has the Google apps you need to do your best work, all wrapped up in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet. You’ll get a professional, ad-free email address ([email protected]) with 30GB of Inbox storage, and 24/7 support from Google if you run into any snags. G Suite is compatible with Microsoft Outlook and other email clients you might already be using. On top of that you get all the other features, (like Docs, Drive, and Calendar for business) free!
» Learn more about G Suite and how it’ll work with PageCloud here. If you’re in Singapore, I have some promo codes you can use here.
I’m excited for the PageCloud folks and are keen to see how they grow this year. Keep it up guys and gals!


More Video Options on PageCloud

One of the most common requests received at is for more video capabilities. Well, ask and you shall receive!

Here’s an update from the PageCloud team:

We’ve made a few updates to the video options within PageCloud. 

For starters, you can now drag and drop MP4 files directly from your desktop to your PageCloud site, much like you can with YouTube videos.

Once the video is on your site, you can select the new Video Panel within the right-side palette, giving you more options for video enhancement, such as: 

  • Selecting Autoplay so that the video plays as soon as the page opens
  • Creating a poster video, stretching your video to the width of the screen
  • Programming it to be a background video, filling the entire window of your site
  • You now have more creative freedom with your videos than ever before!
  • Learn more about how to use the video panel on our Answers page, or check out this quick video: