How to install Chrome OS on your laptop

Neverware turns any computer into a Chromebook

Give your Old Laptops a New Lease of Life with ChromeOS.

CloudReady is an operating system built on Google’s open source operating system Chromium

CloudReady licenses are delivered via an online download. Using the instructions below and shared by Neverware, you may create as many USB installation sticks as needed. Installation takes less than 20 minutes per computer.

Step 1 – Go to Neverware and download CloudReady. 

Step 2 – Choose the Free Individual plan

Step 3 – It’ll take you to the free download page

Step 4 – Follow the instructions to download

Step 5 – Create a USB on a Mac

Step 6 – Load and install on your desired computer or laptop.


How to repack your items with comGateway

This is a hidden option, as they advertise it is available, but there is no easy and simple way to repack.

My items that I brought via comGateway never had the option to “repack”.

I only found out later when I received a tip directly from comGateway on how to save on shipping costs.

Just look at how many of my items that I brought from Amazon that was shipped with air cushions, which could have been squeezed better and fitted into a box.

How do I repack items with comGateway 

  • Use their multiple repack service – This is currently only available by email request only. 
I received these tips from them when I expressed my dissatisfaction at the shipping cost for my last purchase

We understand that you were not satisfied with the shipping cost. We would like to share that many of our customers find that significant savings can be achieved from buying multiple items from the same or different merchants. 

Multiple repacks are a new service we are rolling out for our users who plan to make multiple purchases from several different merchants, and is currently available by email request only. In a multiple repack, we will transfer the contents of multiple packages (of your choosing) to a box or bag of the lowest possible chargeable weight. 

Special requests (e.g., placing apparels inside a suitcase) are welcomed and will be fulfilled provided that this will not compromise the safety of your shipment. Shoe boxes and gift boxes may also be discarded to lessen the weight, if applicable. The multiple repack fee is calculated based on the number of packages. 

First 1 – 5 packages cost US$ 10.00 and for each subsequent package, there will be an additional US$ 1.00 each.  

To further thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback, we’ll be glad to waive the fee for your next multiple repack request.

Really comGateway? It would have been great to know this before I shipped the stuff over at the higher shipping cost (due to the bigger size not weight of the box – as it’s whichever is greater). An even better value add to know is that they could just throw away the shoebox as mentioned in their belated tip…

Anyway, if you’re still keen to buy from comGateway. Check out more details here at comGateway (affiliate link for BuyForMe users). Happy shopping!