Does Hover have a Referral Program?

Does Hover have a Referral Program? Or an Affiliate Program?

Yes, they do have a referral program. There is no affiliate program though.
Hover is a domain name registrar, which means people can buy domain names off them.

You may not see from the outside as a non-user, but they do have a referral program. It’s nothing significant, as their prices and value that they give are very good already. But they’ll credit your account with $2 USD for your future domain name registration with them.

I won’t go into too much more detail about why I like them in this post (you can read more about them and their no frills approach to domain name registrations here). But this answers a common question that webmasters and web designers may be looking to see.

If you’re keen to explore their services, please don’t be shy about using my referral link below. It’s helps me to keep my domain name bills in order so I can keep sharing useful guides to you! 😉

I use @hover to register my domains and I think you should too! Try them out: #hoverlove


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