How to turn off the default Navbar

How to turn off the default Navbar

You may be thinking what is the Navbar and why do you may need to turn it off?
Well, it depends on your blog’s purpose and style, but the Navbar is a navigation bar that lets visitors move from your blog to other blogs. It looks like the second screenshot below.

Step 1 – Log into the “Layout Settings” 

Step 2 – Find the “Navbar” gadget and click “Edit”

Step 3 – Select the “Off” option and turn off the Navbar.

Of course, it’s up to you if you’d like to keep it. One plus for keeping the bar is the “Share” function so that visitors can share your blog.


How to set up Pages menu for Dynamic views Blogger theme

Customising the Dynamic views Blogger theme

If you’re like me, previously when I tried to make changes in the Layout Settings, these changes didn’t fall through into the actual website very well. That is, when I had the Dynamic Views template set for my theme. But for the “Pages” menu listing, it works well. Here’s my guide on how to set up your Pages menu so that it appears as a menu on your website.

Step 1 – Go to Layout Settings

Step 2 – Click on “Add a Gadget”

Step 3 – Find the “Pages” gadget and click on the “+” add it to your Layout

Step 4 – Find the Pages module and move it to under the “main” section of the Layout.

Step 5 – “Save arrangement” and then confirm that it appears as your website menu

Step 6 – Enjoy your new menu on your Dynamic Views website!

Bonus example

Here’s how I set this up on my other blog, where I managed to get a nice pages view up for my blog. So now I have a menu for my page that’s visible from the get go! This is a big change from the viewing options that were there in the past (which are now in the “Timeslide” drop down menu that you’ll see in the first picture below).